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Joe Piscitello founded Piscitello Law more than 30 years ago and has represented hundreds of cyclists involved in vehicle negligence, unsafe road conditions and distracted driving throughout Pennsylvania. He is an ardent advocate for a cyclist’s right to be on the road. Tragically, too many car and bike crashes result in fatalities. In Philadelphia alone, close to 100 cyclists die annually in these recurring and avoidable events.

Piscitello Law believes much work needs to happen in order to reduce cycling crash deaths to zero, which is the mission of the Vision Zero movement in the United States and abroad. In an effort to effect change on a national level, the firm works with an international network of Bicycle Crash Attorneys and experts, known as Bike Law.    Piscitello Law was appointed to represent the state of Pennsylvania in this prestigious legal network.  On a local level, the attorney has been an active collaborator with the region’s lead cycling advocacy group, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. He supports cycling opportunities for urban youth and serves on the Advisory Board for the Coalition’s Youth Cycling Program.  Joe has been a keynote speaker for cycling groups, clubs and expos on the topic of legal rights and responsibilities of cyclists.

Supporting the Cycling Culture for over a decade, Joe has immersed himself in competitive cycling in the field of road, criterium and cross. He founded a Masters Elite Cycling Team in 2010 which is nationally recognized. 

Official Bicycle

765 Gravel RS

Think back to that rocky track you saw on the side of the mountain. Wait impatiently for those speed bumps on the tarmac, which are calling out to you… The limits placed on your road only trips will soon disappear with the 765 GRAVEL RS: accelerate on the road as you see fit, head off the beaten track as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

The Look expertise and research that has gone into the carbon frame make this Gravel – a versatile bike – sufficiently rigid and lightweight to perform effectively on the road. Yet it is also sufficiently solid and forgiving to become your new companion on your all-terrain adventures. This is THE carbon hybrid gravel bike that will help you to find your new balance between road racing, mountain biking, cyclocross or urban riding.